Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green Lake dropshotting

Renegade bassers club tournament had a weekend tournament and I was ready to chase the smallmouth. The two lakes were Koronis and Green Lake. Prefishing stunk on both lakes. I was done fishing Koronis by noon and called up my buddy Nick. I picked him up and we went to go lay the smackdown on the smallmouth. We both love to structure fish and were ready for some hot action. The only thing we could get to bite was small largemouth! I think we only caught one or two dinky smallmouth, not the way I wanted the day to go! We fished for 7 hours and put a pattern together for some small fish.
The first tournament was held on Green Lake. I started out on a huge milfoil bed that previously held a couple of largemouth. Nothing there. I hit four more spots, but even the micro largies wouldn't bite. I decided to go for a drive and find a nice break to fish. First cast gave up my big fish of the day, a 4 pound smallie. I was jacked up! My friend Dave came over a week before and showed me how to rig up a dropshot rig. This looked like a good place to learn how to use it. The rest of the day was dedicated to the dropshot. Finesse fishing usually drives me nuts, but this technique was producing some chunky brown bass. When my sonar would show pods of baitfish, I would pound the area with the gulp minnow lure. I was getting sick of catching 30-40 crappie and sunfish, but occasionally the big smallmouth would get on. I had my limit by 0830 but I knew I could upgrade. The bass I was catching were all spitting up minnows when they came up. The weird thing about this trip is that I did not have one follower to the fish I caught. Usually the fish hang out in packs, but I must have caught all the loners.
Throughout the day, my smallmouth count was around 10 and largemouth around 10(dinks). It was fun to learn the dropshot technique and hope to use it more. I won the Green Lake tournament and followed up with a poor showing on Koronis (more on that later).

Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 fishing goals

1. Take my boys out in the boat as much as possible
2. Win the Renegade bassers overall season points
3. Catch a largie over 7 pounds
4. Catch a smallie over 7 pounds
5. Learn a couple new techniques and be proficient at them
6. Do well enough on Minnetonka TOC to go to divisionals
7. Fish more with friends

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Largemouth patrol

These are a bunch of fish from northern WI. All of these are 6 pounders and had big sow bellys.

These big guys never slammed the lures, just sucked it up and started swimming away.

Past pics part 2

The first pic is of a guide trip with some guys, we caught a lot of big fish. They were happy just to hold the largie!
Second picture is fishing with my brother in law, it rained all day but we pounded them. Reall aggressive bite while it was raining.
Third picture is Shinnikki Fu Guy (aka Guy), a foreign exchange student from up north. This is a big smallie, not the biggest of the day. His big bass sawed off the line on some structure and got away.

Past pictures

I call this one MEGA BASS. My biggest smallie to date. It was 23 inches and 6 pounds, 15 ounces. I saw this one swimming around hovering over a rock. I watched it bite my tube, never felt the bite, but she fought well.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

First blog

This is the first blog.